Easy Pics - Wedding & Event Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been doing wedding photography? Are you qualified?

Our small team of photographers are qualified with reputable degrees in creative arts and have a combined 40 years’ worth of experience with wedding photography.


Are you insured to photograph at my wedding venue?

We carry a $20,000,000.00 public liability insurance, more than that is required for every wedding or events venue that we know of!


How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

We think that our photography is photojournalistic in its approach. We try to capture the essence of each and every wedding, showcasing our flair with capturing genuine emotions and festivities. Posing is not a problem for us either; we are adapt at a variety of poses if and when required.


Where is your studio?

We do most of our work from home to minimise the costs passed on to you, brides and grooms, thanks to the crazy rates currently being charged for commercial real estate!


How do we meet?

Leveraging on the abundance of great cafes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our mobile sales staff will meet with you initially at a mutually convenient location.

Do we have to pay for the meeting?

Not at all! The initial introductory meeting is entirely free of charge. As the meeting involves one of our friendly mobile sales staff going to meet with you, we do ask that you attend the meeting at the pre-arranged location and time. Let us know asap if for any reason that you are unable to make it.


Do we meet with our photographer?

Oh absolutely! There’s nothing more important than to sit down with your photographer to iron out those little details before the wedding. This generally happens about a month out from the day!


Can we get to choose our photographer?

You can definitely let us know whose work you like best and we will let you know whether him or her will be available for your nominated date!


Can we get any upgrades, like extra coverage or albums or prints with your wedding photography package?

To streamline our offerings and keep the costs down, regrettably we do not offer any upgrades to our pre-existing package.


Can we pay by instalments?

Most definitely! Our prices are inclusive of G.S.T. and can be paid in two instalments. 50% within two weeks of the booking and the remainder before the day!